Get started with Composy

Create a project

To create a new project just go to My projects page and click on Create project button.

Choose if you want to build a standard Drupal site or a Drupal distribution.

Fill in all project data like the project name, the Core version do you want to use and a description about the project itself.

Then you can add as many extensions as you want, choosing from the whole themes and modules present on
For each extension you can use the autocomplete field, just start typing the extension name. When you find the correct extension you can choose the version (use the -dev version just to try out the latest improvements, avoid -dev versions in production as much as possible).
If you don't want the extension in the final build but you want to maintain it in the list for the future just deselect the Required flag.
Finally you can apply as many patches as you want by copying the comment link that contains the patch on

For a Drupal standard site you can allow Composy to manage your Core and extensions update, just choose if you want updates only when a security fix is available or if you want all updates.

Choose if you want to add some useful development tools, like Drush and Drupal Console.

If you are on a standard shared host where you cannot modify the document root choose the flat layout, otherwise choose the standard layout.

If you have finished configuring your project just click on Save.

You can edit the project at any time clicking on the Edit tab in the project detail page.

You can delete the project at any time clicking on the Delete tab in the project detail page. This operation will delete all your previous builds and it is irreversible.

Build a project

Build a project is easy and painless, just click on the Build button on the project detail page and wait for the confirmation email.

After that you can simply download the project both from the My projects page and from the project detail page.

You can find a complete list of your previous build clicking on the Builds tab in the project detail page.

If the build button is disable it can means that:

  • another build for the project is on the way
  • you already have a build for this project configuration, click on edit on the project detail page and change something
  • you have reached the daily build count allowed for your plan

Use the downloaded package

Decompress the archive somewhere on your system then point your webserver to the web folder. How to do this really depends on the environment you are using, but we are writing a detailed documentation for the most used LAMP stacks.

Update a site

When you will need some other modules or themes, or if you project has been automatically updated by Composy you have to update your local copy of Drupal. Usually you want to replace everything but your custom code. You have two ways to do so:

The manual way:

  • go to the site
  • log in
  • find you project
  • download the zip
  • extract the zip in a temporary folder
  • move all the contrib code to your project folder

The automated way:

  • download the Composy Companion directly to the site folder
  • run the update
  • enjoy

If you choose the automated way download the Composy Companion for your system here: